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The Blessings Jar

Monday, 26 June 2017 – By Carol Bevel of Amarillo, TX, USA

As I think on the Blessings Jar that I received last year as a New Year’s gift from my secret pal at work, I remember many times that I have been blessed. Even though I have not followed the instructions to put something in the jar every day, it has helped me be aware of the blessings I receive daily.

I have received many messages from my Heavenly Father through the years. And most of them have the same message: “I am with you even when you can’t see me.” One stands out in my memory.

Several years ago I injured my back and was in so much pain I was considering surgery. One particularly bad morning while on my way to work, I was listening to an interview on the Christian radio station about a mission trip on which a person experienced many healings. As I was crying out to God, asking why I couldn’t be healed and why I had to endure this pain, my eyes began to focus on power poles along the highway. They were the old kind, the ones that looked like crosses.

As I drove alongside them, I noticed as I got closer to downtown they became more obscured and harder to see. God let me know that, just like those poles, God is with me throughout my day, bringing energy and power, even when we do not see God. My pain is now much better, and I am managing it well.

Knowing why God heals some and not others is one of life’s most challenging questions. This experience showed me that I have a journey of my own. As long as I maintain my relationship with God, I can get through anything.

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